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Reviews Guidelines

As an aspiring novelist, I love to read, especially well-written fiction of any genre that has a positive, biblically sound message. If you have a book under contract with a publisher that you believe would be of interest to me (relevancy to topics covered in my collumn is a plus but not required,) shoot me an email, including a short synopsis or your promotional material.

If the book interests me, I’ll give you the address you’ll need to send me a review copy. If you wish to get the book back should I decline to review it, please include an SASE. Alternatively, you can send e-galleys and advance unedited proof copies to review on content alone.

For work not under contract with a publisher, we can assist you at CFWR, Etc critique group if you’re willing to join the group and offer similar feedback on our work as well.

If you offer book reviews yourself, it would be appreciated it if you thanked me for reviewing your book by reviewing in turn, Light at the Edge of Darkness, a Biblical spec-fic anthology endorsed by the Lost Genre Guild. If you’re interested, please contact The Writers Cafe Press to request a review copy.

Thank you,

Andrea Graham


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